Uutiset 2016 News

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Year 2016 was Missy's Year!

Missy has been the 2016 Truozzy's flag high, the breeder was focused on the treatment of puppies, Thank you for this belongs exclusively to Missy's owner Anne-Lii Sild that keeps Missy good care and in good condition.

18.12. (Estonia) Gala Show Veteran Of Veterans 3 Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy".
Judged by Michael Leonard (Ireland), Leni Finne (Finland) Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal). Thanks  to  Anne-Lii Sild!


11.12.Terrier Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia.
 Judge Natalija Borodajenko (Latvia)

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" BIS 1 veteran and BOB. Truozzy`s Bee Bee "BiBi"
 ( Armirelly Funny Business x Truozzy`s Off-Spring) debuted in baby class and was BIS 4 baby.

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"

Thanks and Congratulations Anne-Lii Sild Kennel Armirelli

10.12. We spent time saturday in Helsinki Winner Show
Armirelli Funny Business aka Wiuhti was open class winner with EXC
Truozzy's Bon Bon debuted in puppy show, won class with HP.
Thanks and Cogratulations Anne-Lii Sild, Anna Riutta-Salo, Jemina Aaltonen and last, but not least Bon Bon's owner/handler Karoliina Kuparinen.

The Finnish Kennel Club granted me the Vuolasvirta -award for my australian terrier breeding with prefix Truozzy's. The award is granted for highly merited dog breeders in Finland since 1979!

Thanks to all my friends and pups owners that this was possible!



13.11.2016 Latvia


"Baltic Winner 2016" show in Riga: BOB-veteran, BALTVetW16 Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ 
 BB2 , res-cacib Armirelli Funny Business "Wiuhti" after 4 months of puppies :)

Thank you and Congratulations
Anne-Lii Sild <3


4.9.2016 Estonia

Terrier show in Paide:
Missy BIS VET and BIS
 Judge Andrzej Kazmierski from Poland


Multi CH, Multi Winner
 Multi Vet CH & Vet Winner

Truozzy's Hand In Hand <3 <3 <3


Thank you and Congratulations
Anne-Lii Sild <3

photos Katrin Esken



21.8.2016 Estonia

International Show in Tallinn!
Judge Boris Chapiro, France

BOS with CACIB CH Truozzy's Off-Spring aka Rambo,
owner/handler Mari-Susanna Aalto
BB3 Truozzy's Paris

CH Truozzy's Off-Spring aka Rambo

Good luck also to Truozzy's Bee Bee aka BiBi who moved to Estonia and lives now with Missy <3 I hope Anne-Lii can be proud of her, she is after Armirelli Funny Business aka Wiuhti.

at home



19.8.2016 Estonia

Estonian Terrier Club Speciality Show in Tallinn!
 breed judge Otto Krcal, Austria:

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand aka Missy BOB veteran, BOB, BIS 3 Veteran! (judge Elfriede Heidecker) and BIS 3! (judge Elzbieta Chwalibog, Poland)

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"

Congratulations and Thanks Anne-Lii Sild


12.6.2016 Latvia

Latvia Winner 2016

New Latvia Veteran Winner 2016 Truozzy's Hand in Hand aka Missy
She was BOB and BOB-veteran.
Judge: Lynne Hardwood (Australia)

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"

Congratulations and Thanks Anne-Lii Sild and Thanks to also for handling Margot Oder!


4.6.2016 Tallinn, Estonia

Estonian Winner 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia
Truozzy`s Hand in Hand "Missy" BOB-vet ESTVW16
judge Ingrid Borchorst from Denmark

Thank you and Congratulation Anne-Lii Sild!

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"




13.2.2016 Latvia

Balter Winner 2016


C.I.B & Multi CH & Multi Winner & Veteran Winner-> Balter VWinner -16
Truozzy's Hand In Hand aka Missy
judge: Ligita Zake from Latvia

Congratulatons and Thanks to owner/handler Anne-Lii Sild

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"



6.2.2016 Tallinn, Estonia

a great start for 2016

Missy BB2,  BOB And BIS 3 veteran!
Thank you and Congratulation Anne-Lii Sild!

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy"